Kari - 2003


In the footsteps of TORI AMOS, BJORK & ENYA, KARI comes with Her Unique 21st Century Modern Style with Brilliant Songwriting & Magnetic Elegance!

From her humble beginnings as a recording artist for the talented Norwegian Rock Act THE 3rd & THE MORTAL (KARI released 2 albums with them – MiniCD “SORROW” & the highly acclaimed “TEARS LAID IN EARTH”). This early period also produced the CD STORM “Nordavind” a collaboration with Satyr – SATYRICON & Fenriz – DARKTHRONE, featuring Norwegian Viking Folk Tunes. KARI RUESLATTEN has had an extremely successful career as a solo artist. “PILOT” is her 3rd recording that contrasts melancholic emotions with positive passion. With a maturity rarely encountered, “PILOT” showcases KARI’s unique songwriting ability coalesced with her extraordinary unrivalled singing style in an album critically acclaimed across Europe. PILOT shows KARI’s influences from artists like TORI AMOS & BJORK with an outstanding ultra stylish & creative production by KARI & the producer of BJORK Martin Eden. SONY released KARI’s 2 previous albums “SPINDELSINN” & “MESMERIZED” & she has been praised with numerous awards & recognition in the Scandinavian Grammy Awards & the Hit-Awards with nominations in both “Best Vocal Artist” & “Best Female Artist” categories.

Absolutely The Most Attractive Norwegian Woman with Voice Made in Nordic Heaven, KARI is now ripe & in the full creative bloom of the Purest Artistic Beauty set to conquer the AUSTRALIAN/NEW ZEALAND WORLD with scent of her Supreme 21st century KARI RUESLATTEN’s Unique Modern Style & Stunning Songwriting with Magnetic Elegance! MODERN INVASION MUSIC is intensly honoured & proud to release this Australian version of “PILOT” which contains the delightful exclusive bonus video track to the song EXILE. The “EXILE” Film Clip has featured on Australian Music Programs like RAGE & other music programs here & in NEW ZEALAND launching “The KARI’s Invasion To Downunder” follows in the footsteps of ENYA, TORI AMOS & the unstoppable OZ success of Scandinavians like ABBA, BJORN BORG, EDBERG, BJORK & others.