Rev. Kriss Hades


The Most Supreme Avantgarde Electric Australian Genious Guitarist in Extreme Metal!!!

One of the creators of the infamous & most intricate Australian supergroup SADISTIK EXEKUTION.

Australia has a history of internationally acclaimed electric guitar virtuosos, John Williams, Frank Gambale, & Tommy Emmanuel. Not since Angus Young has a single ‘metal’ guitarist gained such a profile & international notoriety.

Australia’s greatest extreme electric guitar virtuoso is REV. KRISS HADES, guitarist for SADISTIK EXEKUTION, the countries most notorious international export & pioneers of the art of extreme death metal. In addition to this REV. KRISS HADES continues to perform as a solo artist. The REV. KRISS HADES visual live experience is a multimedia psychedelic nightmare vision fusing abstract & extreme virtuoso electric guitar surrealism, otherworldly & mesmerising interactive film images. Ranging from the soaring ethereal to subterranean horror, REV. KRISS HADES is finding new directions & setting new standards for the world to follow.

The Number One Extreme Metal Avantgarde Electric Guitarist Of The World!!!