Volkmar Band


VOLKMAR – Talented & brilliantly motivated Creative OZ Goth Rock Industrial Machine With long past experiences in various bands like violent ABOMINATOR / ANARAZEL / COVEN +++ in their past 10 years Mist. VOLKMAR have created & made reality their first “World Tour” which included countries like NEW ZEALAND / HOLLAND / GERMANY / USA / SOUTH AMERICA BRAZIL & CHILE (just to mention a few), which brought not only great association & hook ups with big calibre Supergroups Classics like KREATOR/ HAMMERFALL ++ but also meeting great Chilean Producer IVAN MUNOZ (VIGILANTE) & Video Director CARLOS TORO (LACRIMOSA, VADER +++) Completing The Recording of “BLESSED SINS” in SANTIAGO by well known IVAN MU???OZ & for the CD having filmed their Clip titled “EYES SEWN SHUT” under the flag of famous Film Director CARLOS TORO. This became not only achievement of our local Music Supertalents, but it is a great Heavy Laid Goth Rock Industrial Foundation which will carry VOLKMAR with full force of spreading interest & great success both at home & The World. With the music having a mix of dark, brooding vocals, haunting synth, industrial beats intertwined with electronic fills & heavy sounding guitars, VOLKMAR developed a unique sound that was captured fully at the U.S.A. GothicFest followed by numerous performances around our wonderful Globe!