A message from Phil Gresik

“G’day Lads n Lasses….We’ve got a short notice gig at the Espy this Thursday the 24 july in the basement….were on at 11 for those who can brave the chill with hardy nipples or resilient testicular fortitude to enjoy a thrilling array of rockin dittys with a tasty beverage of your choosing….we dont know the other bands yet ,will let you know..” – Phil Gresik (LONG VOYAGE BACK, ex-HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, ex-DESTROYER 666)


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Day Of Clint featuring Phil Gresik

For those wondering what Phil (Long Voyage Back, ex-Hobbs Angel Of Death, ex-Destroyer 666) is up to these days, we just received an email from the man himself regarding the following:

Day of Clint (Christ on a Spring & Phil Venom of Mass Confusion and Tony Tbone from Redback) are doin their first gig in over three years. Come down if you can for a bit ???o??? toe tappin, knee tremblin, buttock thrunging rock n roll action. Its a cool little bar??http://www.wholelottalovebar.com/#menu-item-524. Get down early coz I???m almost sure Day Of Clint will be on first.

Gig is Thursday 8th of May
Whole Lotta Love
524 Lygon st
East Brunswick
Victoria 3104, Australia
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