Sold Out
VORAK — Triumph Of The Will
Release date : 1996. ,
Label : Destruktive Kommandoh / DSTK7661-2 CD
  1. Blitzkrieg - Fighting Under The Rune Of Triumph
  2. Bloodlust, Discipline, Hatred
  3. Hail The Nuclear Berserker
  4. Majesty Of The War Eagle
  5. Testimony Of Zarathustra: Weakness Is The Only Sin
  6. Heroism And Tradgedy - Ode To The Slain
  7. Millenium Of Conquest And Sacrifice
  8. Triumph Of The Will
  9. I) Unforgotten Love, II) Incubus Of Melancholia, III) Be Mine, Sweet Countess Or Die By My Sword
  10. Narcosis In The Forest Of White Nothingness